Sweet Potato Project, Day 2: Bike Exploration

First, I neglected an important part of my Day 1 post: analysis of its impact on me.  Honestly, the process of researching/shopping/mixing didn’t have a lot of emotional impact.  This may change as I see progress in the sourdough starter (so far I’ve seen a couple of tiny bubbles, but not much), but I think the lesson is that mixing up foods, with no immediate follow-up or outcome, isn’t inherently transformative for me.


Yesterday’s Thing was exploration on my bike.  I have a lovely bike for urban exploration, and I hadn’t ridden it in half a year, between breaking my leg and having my intestines trying to kill me.  But I’m getting close to recovered, and the weather was cool and clear, and the snow had mostly melted off the streets, so I went riding.


It wasn’t much — just a trip to a used bookstore and coffeeshop, both new to me, and then a bike ride home.  The bookstore was a nice little place to wander, and the coffeeshop had tasty baked goods and a fabulous wrinkled couple who’d been running it for fifty years.  The most happifying part, though, was the bike-riding itself.  I arrived home pleasantly worn out, napped for two hours, and felt genuinely good.


Two lessons from that, then.  First, bike riding makes me feel a deep, genuine happiness.  Second, it’s easier to motivate myself to get out and ride when I have specific locations to visit.  (Having a goal helps pull me over that mild hump of getting dressed for the weather and setting down everything else.)  Third, expending the energy on moderate exercise actually gives me more motivation and energy for the rest of the day.  It’s just a matter of overcoming that initial hump.