Nothing like being inadvertently outed . . .

If you are nerdy, and you haven’t read today’s xkcd, go now.

Back? Good. So, before heading to class this morning, I read that, and naturally I had to go listen to the song. However, I was already running late for class, so I had to shut my laptop halfway through the song and head off. I’ve done this many times before, as my computer generally takes the “sleep” command to include a “pause” command, and doesn’t restart songs or movies automatically when I open up the computer.

I went to class. I arrived late, as the professor was already talking. I opened my computer. And the song started to play. I quickly slammed shut the laptop to get it back to sleep, but it wouldn’t stop playing. With the computer completely closed and supposedly shut down, it still kept playing, all the way to the end of the song, and I couldn’t do anything except blush profusely and apologize.

Afterwards, a guy from the class walked up to me. “Portal, right?” I blushed again and nodded, then asked if he’d read xkcd. “Yeah, I just did,” he said. “There aren’t that many xkcd fans here.”

I smiled, then. “It’s true.”


Compass, slide rule, BTU . . .

It occurred to me, after posting my last recipe, that almost all of my recipes have footnotes. And that my blog posts (here and elsewhere) frequently involve excursuses, which are labeled as such.

I am such an academic nerd.

(The post title is, of course, from one of Rice football cheers.)

My restless soul is longing

It’s colder than before;
     the seasons took all they had come for.
Now winter dances here.
It seems so fitting, don’t you think –
     to dress the ground in white and grey?
It’s so quiet I can hear
     my thoughts touching every second
     that I spent waiting for you.

– VNV Nation, “Beloved”

A few photos from the first snow day of my life. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast, but I still wanted to capture it while it lasted. You can view the whole photoset here.

Boot-deep in snow A black and white Valentine's Day
Virgin piles of snow

In other news, my odd raffle-winning ability continues; after winning a free, expensive book in the last drawing I recall entering, I managed to walk away from Moka‘s Valentine’s Day event with a gift bag including $26 of Joseph Schmidt truffles. Not bad.

(<geekiness>What’s more, my entropy effects apparently also extend to Slay Machine, as a Div School friend can attest. I was annoyed at my own laptop breaking down, and when I touched his, a spark leapt from my hand and the whole computer died. Seriously.</geekiness>)

Oh my.

Setting: The phone rings at work. I answer, and it’s a tech support guy from the domain registrar I just used for my job’s website. We establish that I didn’t have problems and don’t need help setting it up.

Him: So how did you find out about [domain registrar]?
Me: Well, I hadn’t used one before, so I did some searching online. One guy claimed that “everyone at Slashdot” uses it, which was enough to make me check it out.
Him: Oh, okay. So what’s “slashdot”?
Me: [silence]
Me: [silence]
Me: [silence]
Me: [tries to be tactful] It’s, um, a news aggregator. “”.
Him: [pulls the site up] Hey, this looks pretty cool. Did you make it?
Me: [silence] Um . . .

Low-content linky post

I’m not normally one to post memes, but this quiz was rather enjoyable to take. Apparently, I’m 47.61904761904762% nerdy. (This puts me on the borderline between “a well balanced nerd” and “dangerously nerdy.”) And believe me, any quiz in which I score less than a 50%, despite counting in three number bases, translating Elvish and Klingon, and remembering the golden days of Sluggy Freelance? Is clearly an excellent quiz.

Also, I’ve been increasingly charmed by Wikipedia’s gloriously random “list of” pages. A few examples:
Foods that are acquired tastes
Lamest Wikipedia edit wars
List of Enigma music videos (I especially recommend “Beyond the Invisible” and “Gravity of Love,” though YouTube doesn’t do them justice.)
List of lists of fictional things
List of musical works in unusual time signatures
Taboo foods and drinks


A Brumalian Wish

From the damnable shadows of madness,
From the corpse-ridden hollow of Weir,
Comes a horrible message of gladness,
And a ghost-guided poem of cheer –
And a gloom-spouting pupil of Poe sends the pleasantest wish of the year!

May the ghouls of the neighboring regions,
And the curs├ęd necrophagous things,
Lay aside their dark habits in legions,
For the bliss that Brumalia brings –
And may Druids innum’rable bless thee, as they dance on the moor’s fairy-rings!

So, Galba, may pleasures attend thee
Thro’ all thy bright glorious days;
May the world and the mighty commend thee,
And the cosmos resound with thy praise –
And may all future ages be brilliant with the light of thine intellect’s rays!

– “Edward John Ambrose Bierce Theobald,” aka H.P. Lovecraft

Non-nerds, don’t read this.

Last night I was talking to a friend about things that I could do in theory, but that would be entirely OOC for my character (er, me).

He replied that I need to get a bumper sticker: “God is my GM.”

I’m currently considering buying a car, solely so I can put that sticker on it, because it’s so appropriate.