Nothing like being inadvertently outed . . .

If you are nerdy, and you haven’t read today’s xkcd, go now.

Back? Good. So, before heading to class this morning, I read that, and naturally I had to go listen to the song. However, I was already running late for class, so I had to shut my laptop halfway through the song and head off. I’ve done this many times before, as my computer generally takes the “sleep” command to include a “pause” command, and doesn’t restart songs or movies automatically when I open up the computer.

I went to class. I arrived late, as the professor was already talking. I opened my computer. And the song started to play. I quickly slammed shut the laptop to get it back to sleep, but it wouldn’t stop playing. With the computer completely closed and supposedly shut down, it still kept playing, all the way to the end of the song, and I couldn’t do anything except blush profusely and apologize.

Afterwards, a guy from the class walked up to me. “Portal, right?” I blushed again and nodded, then asked if he’d read xkcd. “Yeah, I just did,” he said. “There aren’t that many xkcd fans here.”

I smiled, then. “It’s true.”


2 comments on “Nothing like being inadvertently outed . . .

  1. sly civilian says:

    my favorite is either bobby tables or “will you be my it’s complicated on facebook.”

    but it’s all so good.

  2. Sid says:

    Everyone I know around here is an xkcd fan. But everyone is also some sort of CS or ELEC major. I often feel like the entire xkcd corpus was written specifically for me personally—the author has never made a reference I haven’t immediately laughed at or identified with. Still, when I read that one, I wondered how many of my friends would recognize who GLaDOS is. I don’t think many of them have played Portal. (I even theorized that xkcd’s author had maybe just gotten around to beating the game, hence the timing.)

    …So why do you know about GLaDOS? Just from the song making rounds on the internet? I’m somehow doubting you bought an XBox.

    (That’s not supposed to come across as a snub on your club credentials; I’m just curious.)

    Oh, and wow, that’s romantic. But if you want to avoid further such romance, you can always pop the battery out (or plug in headphones if they’re handy).

    (And my favorite.)

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