Form, Norm, and Exceeding Erudition: The Use of Colons in Paper Titles

Well, the semester is finally over, and it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve already begun my summer internship, and I’ve got loads of posts to catch up on here; I’ve really been failing at my duties. However, now that my last papers are turned in, I wanted to point out a certain trend of mine that I’ve found amusing. The following are the titles of the papers I turned in last semester and this semester, in chronological order. You may notice a certain common feature in the syntax of the titles!

  • Feminine Wisdom and the Ungendered Word in Tertullian and Origen
  • Same-Sex Christian Marriage and the Significance of Gender
  • Rebekah’s Romantic Coercion: Rhetorical Tensions in Genesis 24:50-68
  • From Schisms to Sacraments: Augustine’s Doctrine of Baptism
  • “Why Has the LORD Done Thus to This Land?”: Deuteronomy as Apologia for Exile
  • Lilith and Eve in the Garden of Eden: Reexamining Lilith’s Feminist Prominence
  • Caenis, Caeneus, and the (Un)Gendered Self: A Story of Diversity and Consensus
  • Singing the Song of the LORD in a Foreign Land: Psalm 137 and the Memorialization of Loss
  • Daughter Earth: Ecofeminism and an Ethic of Stewardship
  • Comprehending the Incomprehensible: Julian of Norwich and the Limits of Theodicy

2 comments on “Form, Norm, and Exceeding Erudition: The Use of Colons in Paper Titles

  1. sly civilian says:

    the next step (at least it was for me) is to have snark enter the picture.

    i’ll do a similar post when i get them assembled, but there came a point when i simply ceased trying to be professional with a great deal of my paper titles. some of them i think may actually be funny.

  2. Sid says:

    Theodicy knows no limits.

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