Not much to say.

My posts haven’t been as frequent, and I apologize; I’m doing fine, just haven’t had the urge to write in this blog. Spring break’s going well, I think.

Completely randomly, I stumbled upon this site: The Merry Life of the Beekeeper. It appears to have last been updated in late 1997, and to be entirely unconnected to any other organization or department in Yale. It’s a “guide for New Haven and Yale” from a thoroughly anti-establishment, pro-union, progressive perspective, and it’s a delightful snapshot of New Haven through those eyes, even if much of its information is outdated. I may have to try to track down its writers (or whichever subversive IT person is keeping the website from going down) and see if there’s any hope of a new edition.


One comment on “Not much to say.

  1. I don’t live in New Haven any more, but I strongly support the idea of an update. You can go to the Futurist tab and download a beautiful (although also dated) print version:

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