My restless soul is longing

It’s colder than before;
     the seasons took all they had come for.
Now winter dances here.
It seems so fitting, don’t you think –
     to dress the ground in white and grey?
It’s so quiet I can hear
     my thoughts touching every second
     that I spent waiting for you.

– VNV Nation, “Beloved”

A few photos from the first snow day of my life. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast, but I still wanted to capture it while it lasted. You can view the whole photoset here.

Boot-deep in snow A black and white Valentine's Day
Virgin piles of snow

In other news, my odd raffle-winning ability continues; after winning a free, expensive book in the last drawing I recall entering, I managed to walk away from Moka‘s Valentine’s Day event with a gift bag including $26 of Joseph Schmidt truffles. Not bad.

(<geekiness>What’s more, my entropy effects apparently also extend to Slay Machine, as a Div School friend can attest. I was annoyed at my own laptop breaking down, and when I touched his, a spark leapt from my hand and the whole computer died. Seriously.</geekiness>)


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