Whitey always tell him, “Ooh, he speak so well!”

The Racial Politics of Speaking Well, a great New York Times article about the use of the world “articulate.”

William E. Kennard . . . recalled that in his days as partner at a Washington law firm in the early 1990s written reviews of prospective black hires almost always included the words, “articulate and poised.” . . . “It was a law firm; all of the people interviewing for jobs were articulate,” said Mr. Kennard, 50, who is also on the board of The New York Times Company. “And yet my colleagues seemed struck by that quality in black applicants.”

A whiter shade of guile, a Guardian review of Blood Diamond that places the movie in a tradition of “white people nobly rescue oppressed blacks” films.

If there is anything black people the world over have learned from Hollywood – and there isn’t a whole lot – it’s that no matter how bleak the situation seems, they can always rely on some resourceful, charismatic and, in some instances, shapely white person to bail them out.

The title of this post is from “These Are Our Heroes,” an excellent song by Nas. “Let’s hear it, one, for the coons on UPN-9 and WB, who ‘yes massa’ on TV. . .


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