No-Knead Bread Photos

I finally got around to making the aforementioned No-Knead Bread here in New Haven, and (unsurprisingly, given how fool-proof it is), the results were superb. If you notice dark flecks in the crumb, that’s from a mix of dried herbs I added, which gave it a nice fragrance. I even convinced my low-carb-dieting roommate to share over half the loaf with me in one sitting. Yay, creating temptation! Or something.

I have a couple more photos of the bread here. But really, don’t you want to try baking it? You know you do.

Lunch today was Coq au Vin without the coq, vin, or lardons. ::grins:: And yet the result was really very good, if I do say so, and not all that far from authentic in its flavor. I’ll have to make it again and get amounts for what I used, so I can share. (If you’re curious, the coq was replaced by free-range chicken thighs; the vin by homemade chicken-vegetable stock, some blackberry jelly for sweetness, and some red wine vinegar at the end for sourness; and the lardons [bacon] by extra butter.)


2 comments on “No-Knead Bread Photos

  1. Sid says:

    I am eating a loaf of this as I type. Mmm, chew, type, chew, crunch, type. I didn’t have a real dutch oven, so I just used an $8 tin stew pot sitting in my big cast iron skillet. The oven at 500 smoked a bit, but that’s why we have windows. The bread is delicious. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Clairissima says:

    Oh, the shame! And yet, what delicious shame!

    Low Carb Roommate

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