Oh my.

Setting: The phone rings at work. I answer, and it’s a tech support guy from the domain registrar I just used for my job’s website. We establish that I didn’t have problems and don’t need help setting it up.

Him: So how did you find out about [domain registrar]?
Me: Well, I hadn’t used one before, so I did some searching online. One guy claimed that “everyone at Slashdot” uses it, which was enough to make me check it out.
Him: Oh, okay. So what’s “slashdot”?
Me: [silence]
Me: [silence]
Me: [silence]
Me: [tries to be tactful] It’s, um, a news aggregator. “slashdot.org”.
Him: [pulls the site up] Hey, this looks pretty cool. Did you make it?
Me: [silence] Um . . .


2 comments on “Oh my.

  1. Helen says:

    having a good chuckle

  2. agm says:

    So, I’m guessing that you’ll continue shopping around?

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