Low-content linky post

I’m not normally one to post memes, but this quiz was rather enjoyable to take. Apparently, I’m 47.61904761904762% nerdy. (This puts me on the borderline between “a well balanced nerd” and “dangerously nerdy.”) And believe me, any quiz in which I score less than a 50%, despite counting in three number bases, translating Elvish and Klingon, and remembering the golden days of Sluggy Freelance? Is clearly an excellent quiz.

Also, I’ve been increasingly charmed by Wikipedia’s gloriously random “list of” pages. A few examples:
Foods that are acquired tastes
Lamest Wikipedia edit wars
List of Enigma music videos (I especially recommend “Beyond the Invisible” and “Gravity of Love,” though YouTube doesn’t do them justice.)
List of lists of fictional things
List of musical works in unusual time signatures
Taboo foods and drinks



One comment on “Low-content linky post

  1. shari says:

    These are *awesome*.

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