So that’s why firefighters wear masks . . .

At church this morning, I spent the first half of the service coughing when I tried to sing, and I wondered why. Well, blowing my nose just now, I discovered that what’s inside is black.

Apparently it really is possible to get coal miner’s lung when you accidentally start a fire that fills the top third of your apartment’s air with black smoke so thick it’s opaque.

(To be fair, the fire was . . . not entirely my fault? A hard, oddly-colored substance used to cover the bottom of our broiler drawer but had never given us trouble. Yesterday, I came home and turned the oven on to bake something; little did I know that my roommate had stored several dishes of food in the oven for dinner later that night. By the time she came home and noticed, not only was her food burning, but the oven heat and burning food had managed to ignite the possibly-plastic substance, which literally filled the oven with flames and generated massive amounts of smoke. I managed to get the fire out without calling the fire department, but there’s soot on just about everything in the house at this point, apparently including my breathing passages.)

On another note, gentle readers, am I a complete nerd for planning to dress up like Caddy Compson for Hallowe’en? I even have an amusingly pretentious costume idea in mind! Heh.


2 comments on “So that’s why firefighters wear masks . . .

  1. agm says:

    And a hearty Nelson Munch-style “Ha ha” to that. Hope you get all the crap out of your system soon.

  2. Hah, thanks. I managed to go through choir tonight with only minimal coughing (and we weren’t even doing the Russian piece of last week, where we were explicitly requested to sound as if we were drinking Russian vodka), so it should be okay. . .

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